The Theory Test

The theory test is a computer based test. This test has two parts, Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception.

Multiple Choice

This is 50 multiple choice questions, including a section which concerns a case study. You will be presented with a set of facts and pictures, which remain on screen. You will then be questioned about the case study. This part of the test is to assess your understanding of a given scenario. You must answer at least 43 of the questions correctly to pass the test. The allowed time for this test is 57 mins.

Hazard Perception Test

The HPT test is again computer based and the purpose is to test how early you react to potential hazards on the road. It consists of 14 video clips (approximately 1 minute each). Each video clip will have one hazard on it, except for one which will have two. i.e 15 hazards to identify in total. You will be marked on how quickly you react to each hazard. It is scored on a sliding scale of 0 to 5, the earlier you react (by clicking the mouse) the higher the mark! You must score at least 44 out of a possible 75 points to pass. You must pass both tests at the same time to pass the theory / HPT test

Once you have passed your theory test, you have up to two years to pass the practical driving test (from the date you passed the theory test) If you do not, then you must re-take your theory test and start over again.

The Official DSA Hazard Perception Test YouTube Video

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