The Practical Driving Test

The practical driving test lasts approximately 45 minutes, this time allows for checking driving licence, eyesight and all relevant paperwork.

You will be asked two ‘Show Me Tell Me’ questions. The test will take you on various road and traffic situations. You will have to carry out one of the four manoeuvres you have learned and you may be asked to perform an emergency stop (1 in 3 tests). You may find your Driving Examiner is quiet while on test, don’t worry he/she does not want to distract you while you are driving.

To pass the test you must not commit more than 15 driver faults. One serious or one dangerous fault will also result in you being unsuccessful. If, for example, during your driving test you commit 2 driver faults, but make 1 serious fault, this would be a fail! Your practical driving test will include approximately ten minutes of independent driving. During your test you’ll have to drive independently by either following, traffic signs, a series of directions or a combination of both. To help you understand where you are going when following verbal directions, the examiner will show you a diagram. There are various driving test routes.

To prepare for a driving test you must think about your training. You do not want to learn to just pass a test or just learn test routes! The important part is to develop you as a safe driver. You must treat driving as a ‘life skill’ and be prepared to put in time and energy. Remember: ‘SAFE DRIVING FOR LIFE’.

Once you have passed your driving test, remember you are not an experienced driver, so you are more at risk. You are on probation for the first two years after passing your test. If you amass more than 6 penalty points within this period you will have your licence revoked and you will have to take both parts of your test again.

Do not be pressured into unsafe driving and remember what you have been taught! Remember Pass Plus Courses, apart from helping to reduce your insurance costs, can more importantly give you more experience of different roads! They are based on 6 extra modules, including motorways.

The Official DSA Practical Test YouTube Video

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