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David Heathcote - Bury Driving Instructor

Department for Transport statistics for 2010 (latest) report that in this year there were 1850 people killed on UK roads, 51 were children, on average there are 5 road deaths every day in the UK.

Recent estimates state that up to a third of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time. This could account for over 20 deaths and 250 serious injuries each week in the UK.

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974;

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires employers to take appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees and others who may be affected by their activities when at work. This includes the time when they are driving, or riding at work, whether this is in a company or hired vehicle, or in the employees own vehicle.

There will always be risks associated with driving. Although these cannot be completely controlled an employer has a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to manage these risks down to as low a level as reasonably possible in the same way as they would in the workplace.

Managing the risks to employees who drive at work requires more than just compliance with road traffic legislation.

What is Fleet Driver Services?

HDT Fleet services can support companies with compliance of their duty of care obligations to their employees under the Health & Safety act in relation to work related road safety and driving management.

HDT Fleet driver training is aimed at the occupational road user, be it the company car driver or van driver or perhaps the grey fleet driver.

HDT Fleet courses can be tailored to individual Company needs to assist in their compliance of the law, from licence checks, record keeping, driver assessments and Practical & Theory Driver Training for their drivers either individually or as a group. This is in addition to compliance of the Road Traffic Act and Road Vehicle Regulations whereby companies should observe the laws relating to MOT certification, insurance etc.

What is fleet driver training?

HDT Fleet Driver Training is a system of driving which will demonstrate to the driver an advanced style of defensive driving with a methodical approach, concentrating not just on the physical aspects of driving but also a large emphasis on the mental attitude of the driver in relation to anticipation and planning with respect of other road users, encouraging a proactive not reactive style of driving which creates space and time for situations to develop. Heathcote Driver Training Fleet training system is based on ‘Fleetcraft’ which is the preferred method of training for advanced Police drivers.

What are the benefits of using HDT Fleet Driver Training Services?

HDT fleet driver training services will give your company and individual drivers an understanding about how attitude and behaviour affect safe driving and work related road safety, how to adopt an understanding of defensive driving methods, how to prioritise hazards and how to be self-critical of their own driving; this will help the drivers to develop defensive driving skills which will help reduce the risk of road incidents and company liability. HDT Fleet services can also advise your company on the importance of vehicle safety checks and fuel efficient driving techniques, which in the long run can save your company money on fuel, wear & tear, repairs to the vehicles, less time lost due to missed orders/work rescheduling and possibly lower insurance premiums in the future. It may also improve company image to potential clients.

Course Content

  • Establish your training needs
  • The importance of vehicle safety checks
  • An assessment drive – with post-drive discussion
  • Develop defensive driving skills
  • Fuel efficient driving techniques
  • The course is validated with a session of re-evaluation to assess identification of dangers and risk areas, reading of the road – road markings.

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